Introducing The ROE

a brand focused on female empowerment.

The ROE’s mission is to bring women together.

Through clothes and fashion items, ROE inspires, supports and makes a statement for all the roles a woman owns. The ROE stands for Retail of Empowerment and every item from our shop speaks for women and is created by women!

“Whether you’re a wife, mom, boss or strong female, we have something for you!”

– Heather Troline

Why I decided to create The ROE.

After giving birth to my daughter in June 2018, I took 3-months maternity leave. As with all new mothers, I went through my share of challenges and learned the beauties of caring for a newborn child.

Becoming a mother was so empowering for me, that I wanted to share the lessons with other women in an online space.

I started this blog during my pregnancy, “Style All Over”, to document my life as a wife and new mom, as well as fashion, travel and home design.

Soon after Monroe was born, I decided I wanted to create a brand and online store for women’s clothing, that could focus on female empowerment. I named the store The Roe, after my daughter, “Monroe” and shortly realized that ROE could also stand for “Retail Of Empowerment”! I realized after becoming a mother how incredibly strong we are as females with how much we carry in all the roles we own as wife, mom, and (for most of us) having to work full-time. The Roe has allowed me to be creative in a meaningful way by giving joy to other females through clothes and merchandise! I’m excited every time I get a notification that a new order has been placed!

You can check out my online store here at or follow it on instagram + facebook

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