Our 10-Day Celery Juice Cleanse

I’ll first start by explaining how we heard about celery juicing. My husband and I started following the @medicalmedium on instagram after seeing him on a few media appearances. If you are not familiar with him – his name is Anthony William and he is #1 New York Times best-selling author and has published several books about life-changing foods and how they can heal the body. One of the super foods he talks a lot about is celery and how it has tons of healing benefits!

Here are a few excerpts from medicalmedium.com on celery.

You can read more about celery juicing here – directly from medicalmedium.com

Now since Chad and I don’t suffer from any chronic illnesses — we just wanted to cleanse and boost our digestive systems, so we decided to try celery juice for 10 straight days to see if we felt a difference.

Here is what we experienced in the 10 days of our celery juicing:

We started every morning with 16oz. of fresh celery juice before we had anything else in the morning. Per the medical medium, you get the most benefits when consuming on an empty stomach. After about 15 minutes we would then eat our normal breakfast.

In the first several days, I experienced some stomach pains after drinking.  I read about this symptom and it is normal and can mean that I had bacteria in my digestive system.

** This one could be TMI for you but if you have juiced before you know this symptom comes with the territory. One symptom that Chad and I experienced throughout each of the ten days was soft stools and diarrhea. This is something we did expect since this particular process was all about cleansing our system and getting rid of  any toxins!

Another thing I noticed was I did not opt for coffee most of the 10 days, which is huge for me! I am a daily coffee drinker – typically having 1-2 cups! In the mornings after having my juice and eating a banana or yogurt I felt great and energized – not needing any additional caffeine.

I also have seen a difference in my skin. It feels smoother than usual.

I would also add, there were a few nights during our 10 days that we drank red wine over dinner. As we only indulged in 1-2 glasses each, we both felt better about having our celery juice the next morning for an extra cleansing of our liver!

There are however a few things we would say to consider before you decide to start or commit to this:

 1. The amount of celery you will need to buy in order to cover how long you will want to do it for. 1 bag of celery makes=  16oz. of celery juice.

     For us – we went through 20 bags of celery for the 10 days!

2. The amount of time it will take in your morning routine to juice the celery.  Since its best to consume the celery juice on an empty stomach and because it is recommended to juice fresh daily — you will need to make note about fitting this into your daily routine.

3.  Be prepared with juicing items –  we found these great 16 oz. juice glass bottles and they are sold in packs of 6!

You don’t need a juicer as you can also use a blender, however it does require more work. You can see different methods used in this video here.


Overall, we would recommend trying celery juice to anyone that is looking for an easy cleanse and reboot of their system!






    1. I think it’s up to you on how your body feels. My husband and I started doing them weekly and now its down to whenever we can keep fresh celery in stock at home. It takes work to stay committed so I think do what id best for your lifestyle! In the end, any amount of celery juice is beneficial.

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