Tips & Tricks I have learned as a New Mom

It’s only been about 3 months since giving birth to Monroe and there is so much I have already learned about taking care of a baby!

I wanted to share some tip and tricks that I have used throughout this newborn phase, that may seem obvious when you read them, but no one ever told me to do them. These simple tips can help make your sleepless nights and running on empty days — a little less messier and save you time!

Tip #1.  Use Puppy Pee Pads Over Your Changing Pad.

This may sound crazy but in the first month we found ourselves constantly having to wash the changing pad cover. The baby will pee and poop on that pad and instead of having to run a load of laundry or worry about cleaning the pad cover, we started using our puppy pee pads. They ended up being the perfect size and you can easily dispose of them immediately – never ruining the changing pad cover.  ** See picture below.  You can pretty much get puppy pee pads at any grocery store but here is a link to the ones we use you can buy right off amazon. 

Tip #2.  Get zip-up onesies Over button-up onesies.

This one became obvious to us when every time we would have to change her during the night feedings (anytime between 2am-6am) we’d always go for the zip-up onesie as it takes less time to get them in!  Early on we only had two zip-ups so we eventually went to BuyBuy  Baby and purchased literally 12 new zip-up onesies! It’s all about make things easy and saving time when you are completely exhausted! — You will see that is the theme of my list of tips!

Tip #3.  Use a blow dryer on them after the Bath.

This is something that my mother did with me and my brother so naturally I adopted this tip! It’s amazing how much they love it and it helps calm them down. It’s also good for one partner to blow dry while the other is getting them towel dry, diapered and clothed. They are less fussy with the warm air blowing down on them! Monroe absolutely loves this!

Tip #4. Put a towel down on any furniture you will be feeding them on.

We learned the hard way and lots of spit up got all over one of our expensive chairs. So, we decided after that incident to designate the furniture we would be feeding her in and have towels down on them to protect from messy spit ups!

Tip #5. Always put a burp cloth under their head if you decide to put them down.

Anywhere I put her down, I put a burp cloth behind Monroe’s head. This makes it easier to clean up any spit up and doesn’t get on the surface or fabric you have them on. This goes for swings, dockatots, bounce chairs, etc.

These are just a few things  I have picked up so far in these first 3 months. I am sure I am in for a whole new surprise of things to learn about in the next stages of Monroe’s growth and I will be sure to share any more tips and tricks when I I learn of them!



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